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Logos Global Bible Reader 1.0

Global Bible Reader supports a number of different Bible versions
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Libronix Corporation

Global Bible Reader helps you stay on track with your daily Bible readings by connecting you to a community of people all following the same reading schedule. Global Bible Reader presents you with today’s reading, keeps track of your progress, and lets you communicate with everyone else who’s reading with you. Once Global Bible Reader is installed, it displays an icon in the taskbar notification area (near the clock). Double-click that icon to open Global Bible Reader. Browse the available schedules by selecting them from the drop-down list (with a purple book icon) in the upper-left. The calendar icon (in the top-middle of the window) allows you to look at previous and upcoming readings in your chosen schedule. Before you can start reading through a schedule, you must sign in with the email address and password you use to log in to logos.com. If you don't have a logos.com account, create one now in order to access all the features of Global Bible Reader. (If your name appears in the left hand column of this page above the My Account button, you already have a logos.com account. If you've forgotten your password, request that it be emailed to you.)

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